VOL #7​.​5

by Scott Lee Andrews

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released February 26, 2017

Music/Lyrics/Production: Scott Lee Andrews
Recorded in Geelong, VIC, Australia - Feb 2017



all rights reserved


Scott Lee Andrews Melbourne, Australia

JAWS OF DEAF - The solo project of Scott Lee Andrews. Previous Singer-Songwriter of Midasuno, Current 1/3 of Exit_International. Also featured as spare pony for Horsefight, as well as co-writing the third Mutation album with Ginger Wildheart.

Noisy self-produced mayhem. Melodies and hooks buried beneath a wall of violent, clueless production. Awkwardcore.
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Track Name: The Fuck It Switch
The pathetic hypotheticals
Some commend you for your dreaming, others view the thoughts as scheming
Illusion's that I've known and loved
Are buried in box, nailed shut
Fantasies are left outside in the cold
And still strong enough t'survive the thaw
Now there's sulpher where the serotonin once was

So hit the fuck it switch
On the days you wanna cut off yr head
So hit the fuck it switch
For when the venom hits and wishes you dead

The straw the broke the camels back
or the branch the breaks the fall til you feel nothing at all
The muzzle that doubles as a grin
Cohabitation rights collected as sin
Daily duty, self absorbed
Wait for obituary to feel adored
Underdosed on what I want

Overdosed on what I dont need


Yeah your hopes and dreams are in the stingies it seems but got the house-money-car-kids everything you need....The magic's gone away, grey and beige have overcome, you have everything but freedom, honey....
Track Name: Spelunking For Joy
Spelunking For Joy

I hold my breathe underwater for longer than necessary cause this is a test you see
Diamonds in shit or a the coal in the snow
It's all up for interpretation this you should know

Astral projection defying convention
Making sense of the senseless with no lead in the pencil
In direct violation of the laws of physics
Sick sick as a dog again, holding Chekhov's gun to my head
In the heart of the darkness there's a faint twitching signal
I want the uncut ending motherfucker, my sick sense of fun.


Weak at the knees underneath there is peace
The fickle finger of fate points the way to decay
There's a consequence to everything, so swallow what may come
Cause the taste doesn't matter what's done has been dooooooooooooooooooooooone.
Track Name: High Strangeness
High Strangeness

Mythical creatures are blurry by nature
The psychic toll of a totalfuckingknowitall
Trapped in the shadows, the sunlight's a killer
That was my pet poltergeist that pissed on the wall.


Woke in clearing no concept of time
I shed all my clothes - Something odd's going on
Stuck in on the fence in the land of the sensible
I've broken the seal - let my natural form reveal


Get me of this x 4 RIDE
I'm not a big fan x 4

I'm not making any sense at all.