VOL #7

by Scott Lee Andrews

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released November 17, 2016

Music/Lyrics/Production: Scott Lee Andrews
Recorded in Geelong, VIC, Australia - Nov 2016



all rights reserved


Scott Lee Andrews Melbourne, Australia

JAWS OF DEAF - The solo project of Scott Lee Andrews. Previous Singer-Songwriter of Midasuno, Current 1/3 of Exit_International. Also featured as spare pony for Horsefight, as well as co-writing the third Mutation album with Ginger Wildheart.

Noisy self-produced mayhem. Melodies and hooks buried beneath a wall of violent, clueless production. Awkwardcore.
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Track Name: Funny Farm
OK...If I act like an animal...
Does it mean you wanna fuck me like one?
It's all rituals and heart shapes
This nonsense, beyond comprehension
Content with a comfortable lie
When ya gonna drop the act you cunt?
Is the lunacy or just something you cannot understand?

Escape, but not from somewhere, from something....Can you see the difference?
Where exactly can you look when you lose your mind?

The bestial cruelty of man...
Now that's a fucking joke right there
We're so artistically cruel
And picturesquely so
In a cage with such a sociopath
As I hop and a-skip and a-jump
The end of your world could be the beginning of mine
It's time to dine

There's a goat, where's my coat? AT THE FUNNY FARM!
Track Name: Captive Audience
It's when you're losing your volume
The facts are warped as the transmission occurs
A human skin suit from a sadist's nighmare
Expose your natural form
In the reverse Bermuda Triangle
Where the stirrings appear
Out of the blue, such a shock to the system
We utter what you'd dare not think....

Don't wanna rain on your day
I wanna piss on your parade but, hey....
You love a captive audience

Ballarina baby with machete mouth - Won't you cut a smile for me?
Hey kimono kitty with your shotgun smile - Wont you shoot the stars for me?

The formula of 2+2=5 yeah
Isn't without it's appeal
Mother nature didn't ask your opnion
A blank, unknown, undefined
The people need a monster to beleive in,
To define ourselves against
Otherwise it's us versus us
Break the mirror for revealing the truth
Track Name: Precription for Weltschmerz
I could hold out for more
But satisfaction is bored and over-adored
And therein lies the fatal flaw....

Icarus kissed the ground from flying too close to the sun
Bodies' broken and better for it, the false positive one

Pleasures denied
They say ignore your instincts if you wanna get by
'Cause your life is ending a minute at a time

Aim low if you don't wanna be dissapointed
Set your sights high, and brace yourself for the fall
Morose delectations of the griefers' comply
Hands of hubris, of feathers and wax, wont cover your tracks so I'm walking not talking tonight.
Track Name: Hell Is Other People (Tagging Me At 4 A.M.)
So....The idiot box, has broken every flaw
It's started to evolve and disconnects my laws
I wanna cut off your hands, just to see how you'd cope
How would you complain...With your lifeline choked?

Yeah....It's amusing to feel separate from the rest
From the pity party, from the fucking mess

Oh, and it blows my mind....

Like me, poke me, tag or ignore me
Sheeple bleat then choose to hide
I'm still guilty - Admittedly so and I know it
Still it's hard to swim against the tide....


OK, turn the other cheek, to the city of glass
I've got a box of bricks, for when my patience rests

When your reflections lies....
I want to sever those ties.
Track Name: Les For Megan Fox
"I have no friends and I never leave my house.
I resent having to prove that I'm not a retard.

I'm so psychotic and so mentally ill
If I could tap into that I could do something interesting"

^Lyrics - Megans words, not mine.