VOL #8

by Scott Lee Andrews

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released April 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Scott Lee Andrews Melbourne, Australia

JAWS OF DEAF - The solo project of Scott Lee Andrews. Previous Singer-Songwriter of Midasuno, Current 1/3 of Exit_International. Also featured as spare pony for Horsefight, as well as co-writing the third Mutation album with Ginger Wildheart.

Noisy self-produced mayhem. Melodies and hooks buried beneath a wall of violent, clueless production. Awkwardcore.
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Track Name: Twisting Knickers
Here you go, it's for free 
Take a piece of advice from the devil on my shoulder, It's a grower 
As the penny drops see your face in the black mirror 
So brush the chips from your shoulder 
When did you get so touchy? 
Disposition of disgust is wearing thin 
Your behavioural immune system has been compromised 
It's just my opinion 
Armchair critic keyboard warrior P.O.V. 
Seeking comfort in the conflict 
Applicable concepts of justice yeah? 
Here's a hint, you should should swallow cuz no-one likes a spitter 
But don't worry, you're not speaking my language 
So get your knickers in a twist.... 
So get your knickers off!

Digital soulsucker 
Physical hole left here 
It makes my blood rush 
Track Name: Proof Positive
Down for the count and fixating on divorcing my head 
Skating on thin ice might as well go St. Vitus instead 
Dirty banks of screens showing scenes as heavy as lead 
Stick the monster in the corner, can't ignore I know it needs to be fed 
Tearing my hair out 
Break nails on the walls 
Another smoke screen 
Liquid amnesia 
This is proof positive 
Not an exercise in pessimism 
We should want for nothing 
Just to be would satisfy in itself 
Come plumb the depths if you feel this 
Bleached passion bone white 
Photobombed by the reaper 
Leave the 9 to 5 hell 
I know you feel it too 
Like a broken record 
Retains a certain charm 
The tie you wear around your neck is a noose 
It's slowly choking you 
Track Name: Total Eclipse of the Severed Head
The greatest tales never start at the beginning  
We'll you're in luck – This kicks off at my end  
I'm staring at my arms, my legs, my torso  
Now separated and wrapped in plastic instead  
(I could cry)  
But there's a film that covers my eyes  
'Cause I'm dead  
Motionless and floating in the bathtub  
The stench in here is horrific as you'd expect  
The sun comes up, goes down – I'm going nowhere  
I'd laugh but I can't get the air in through my neckhole  
(I digress)  
What's gonna happen next?  
I spot a figure holding a suitcase....  
Yeah....I must be going on a holiday!  
For my pieces and I....It's not over yet  
The zip undoes and I'm stuffed inside my carriage  
I'd clap with excitement but my hands are someplace else  
(I don't care)  
Now I'm talking to my severed limbs  
And for a moment, I forget  
I'm 5 pieces of meat  
I would smile but the muscles and mind can't connect 
Then everything goes dark  
Yeah – I'm on a road trip in my comfortable case  
To where I guess will be my final resting place  
Now it's a waiting game  
I imagine where my remains will remain  
Will I end up in a field somewhere?  
Or in a barrel of Acid I guess  
The suspense is killing...oh wait, too late 
I hear the waves – My god I love the ocean  
So Yeah!....I'm heading to my liquid grave  
Now I now what the weights were for it's all making sense  
And as I'm sinking down  
I wonder if I'll ever be found  
or even if I'll be missed by anyone  
If mother nature and physics choose to expose me  
I hope some kid finds my face peering up from the sand.....  
Track Name: Body Language
24/7 over give or take 30 over 52 forever. 

We cant translate your body language 
This physical shame is shared by few 
Different species joined by the truth 
The visible ticks that strain out of view 
With a grudge against living sometimes it's that loose 
Martyred, Martyred 
The glass slipper never fits....Yo! 
Martyred, Martyred 
The jury's still out on this 
Gestures break the silence that wounds 
Moments kiss the soul when its bruised 
Intuition and substance kicks at the heels 
A distorted idealism reveals 
Track Name: 27 Hurts at the Synapse Carnival
Let's raise up the dead 
And hold a torch to the ground 
Let's loose sight of all reason 
Of the tethers that bound and say.... 
Hail or hate....
That's the decision to make 
Wear a dress to the synapse carnival 
Hail or hate.... 
That's the decision to make 
Eat your pleasure like a carnivore 
I'll stare insane in the face 
And scream 'I want to be inside you' 
Love you all over the place 
I hold myself accountable 
I could blow out my brains 
But precision not my forte 
With best intentions aside 
I know misery is down to fuck 
Don't deny your wounds 
The last gasp lasts too long